1KG Black Rice Flour

1KG Black Rice Flour

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CHAKHAO POIREITON are these aromatic black sticky rice which are rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins and fibre. 🖤

Needless to say, they are gluten free, and have higher vitamin and mineral content than brown or white rice.

In addition to being a good source of Vitamin E, fibre and protein, black rice also reduces the level of inflammation in the body.

According to research, black rice consumption contributes to the prevention and management of ailments such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, hypertension, high cholestrol levels, arthritis, allergies, aging signs and even cancer.


Even though scientifically, Punjab is a semi-arid region and shouldn’t be growing rice. However, post Green Revolution, the canal irrigated (from the five rivers) areas which have enough water supply do grow rice.

In 2020-21, Punjab grew to 13.2 million metric tonnes of rice, contributing to over 25% of the country’s production.

It takes approximately 3000L to 5000L water for growing 1kg rice here, yes, this number can’t be easily digested. And it is very problematic in long term, because if the fields are constantly irrigated using tubewells ie groundwater when canal water is not available or in shortage, those groundwater levels are definitely going to be depleted.

The reason farmers grow rice is solely because of economical reasons. It is something that provides livelihood. If farmers start getting better Mandi rates, they will switch to better crops, more sustainable crops. 

The way to sustainably grow any crop is to have groundwater extraction level less than 100%. What that means is that you are extracting less than what gets replenished every year by rain.

Having said all this for the purpose of educating and being transparent, we have grown these Chak-Hao Black Rice in 0.5 acre only at our close relatives farms who grow rice as a major crop. It’s really replacing their White Rice with this one, and we have procured the entire crop. 


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Color: Black
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    100% black rice grains.

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