1KG Jaggery Block

1KG Jaggery Block


Handmade locally in Punjab at a relative's farm. 


What makes this jaggery special is its preparating and clarifying process. Over 40% of the sugarcane production in India is processed into 'gur' and 'shakkar' at farm level. The green stems of mature OKRA / BHINDI / LADY FINGER plants, after last picking, are used for preparation of crude mucilage extract for clarification of suarcane juice in prepaartion of quality jaggery. 


The OKRA MUCILAGE is a glycoprotein comprising of about 10% protein and 80% polymeric carbohydrates. It has large water binding properties due to hydroxyl groups of sugars. When mixed with juice and heated, it binds with the pigments of juice, complexes with other impurities, coagulates and a scum forms at the surface of boiling juice. The scum is removed to clarify the sugarcane juice. 


This is a long labour intensive process and has been done by old people with experience at our relatives' farms located 15km from our farms in Punjab. 


Thus, this jaggery and shakkar is as pure and natural as you can get anywhere and said to not even melt in summer season due to its natural preparation methods. 


This scientific information has been referred from research papers published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, Mysore, India.

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    100% pure handmade jaggery.

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