2KG Durum Wheat Flour

2KG Durum Wheat Flour


Fine Grind Durum Wheat Flour at Three One Farms is made of Wheat variety called HI-8759 aka PUSA TEJAS. It wad developed by ICAR (The Indian Council of Agricultural Research) and was released for commercial production to farmers in 2019.


It can serve as a “dual purpose” variety suitable both for making chapati and for pasta preparations due to its moderate SDS-sedimentation value (~ 35 ml). It can contribute to “nutritional security” in India, because of its high protein content (13.8 %), good levels of yellow pigment (~5.7 ppm), and essential micronutrients like iron (42.1 ppm) and zinc (42.8 ppm); with very high overall acceptability (7.5).


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    100% durum wheat flour. 


    This item is non-returnable and non-refundable. We offer full-replacement of products that might be damaged in transit.

    Replacement orders are processed immediately after our customer support team validates the damage via communication over e-mail or phone.

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    We ship via Delhivery B2C from Abohar, Punjab (thus, the shipment changes 3-4 stations before it reaches you, justifying the time taken), and share the tracking details with you the same day of shipping via email. 

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  • Use Cases

    This particular variety of durum wheat's flour can be used to make: 

    1. Handmade Pasta 
    2. Chapati