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  • Purple Congo Potatoes
  • Purple Congo Potatoes
  • Purple Congo Potatoes
  • Purple Congo Potatoes

Purple Congo Potatoes


This extremely dark purple potato almost looks like a black one. Rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins (the same which are present in black wheat, black rice, purple barley, blueberries and so on), these potatoes can be used for applications involving boiling and mashing in table use, salads, and unusually colored gnochhi!


Purple Congo variety can be traced back to its origin in Peru and travelled to Africa via trade routes, and was brought to India by Mahindra group. However, due to supply chain and marketing challenges, farmers couldn't sell in urban markets at the time, and ultimately after a couple of years of trials, the production diminished. 


Only a handful of farmers maintained the seeds year on year, and through one of the fortunate coincidences, we met one of them in central Punjab recently. 


Due to limited availability, we are unable to provide them to you at the moment. 


However, for the coming sowing season i.e. October 2023, we are taking the pre-orders so as to support the production of this highly nutritious variety and bring it forth to each one of you.


We will be shipping them in boxes of 20kg to each one of you post the harvest in January 2024. The shelf life of fresh potatoes is quite great. One is advised to keep them in cool and dark place for the first two months and then in refrigerator for another two months, if unable to consume earlier.


Reach out to us via email / instagram if you have any questions. 




  • This 20kg pack of specialty potatoes contains Purple Congo variety.