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  • Indian Cuisine Trial Pack

Indian Cuisine Trial Pack


This trial pack has been curated to help you broaden your sensory horizons on what Indian specialty wheat has to offer when it comes to making flatbreads.


This is what you can look out for while trying this pack:


  • Sweet and Soft Texture: Chapati Wheat Flour
  • High Fiber and Minerals: High-Fiber Wheat Flour
  • High Vitamin-A: Whole Pasta Wheat Flour
  • High Antioxidants: Whole Black Wheat Flour
  • High Folic Acid and Low GI: Heirloom Wheat Flour
  • High Fiber: Amber Wheat Bran


Reach out to us via the chat section if you have any questions in mind or want to upgrade yourself to our annual subscription package. 


    1. Chapati Wheat Flour (PBW-1 Chapatti)
    2. High-Fiber Wheat Flour (Emmer MACS2971)
    3. Heirloom Wheat Flour (Paighambari)
    4. Whole Black Wheat Flour (NABI-MG)
    5. Whole Pasta Wheat Flour (HI-8759)
    6. Amber Wheat Bran (HD-3226)
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