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All About Us

Life came full circle

After moving back from Delhi to her seventh generation family farm during the pandemic in 2020, Anushka started helping her father spread awareness about black wheat that he had grown a season prior, but couldn't sell in the mandi. Over the course of her journey, she realised that while most of the urban consumers wanted more from their wheat flour, they had little to no options to get it. Everything available in the market was very homogenised, industrial and largely opaque when it came to traceability, transparency, quality, nutrition and its social impact. She took it upon herself to revive the genetic diversity within wheat by growing specialty varieties meant for specific use cases, while having a larger vision to increase biodiversity within crops, starting from her homeland across Punjab.


To share the highest quality and diversity of grains grown in Bharat with India while building a climate change resilient agricultural ecosystem

Future of Food

Three One Farms is trying to solve for a complex problem in Indian grain supply chain which is largely broken. These grains are treated as commodity in quantity than as a specialty in quality. Bound by governing policies, scientific community only releases high yield varieties and in turn farming community grows those same few varieties. Thus, a systemic change is the imminent need of the hour.

All About Me


We are trying to build a more resilient and robust food ecosystem. The way we do it is by aligning academia, production systems and consumers, which translates into carefully hand-picking best out of 520+ wheat varieties released in India, growing them using climate-friendly agri-practices and bring out the true diversity and value that Indian wheat has to offer.  

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