We are a generational family farm based out of south-west part of Punjab, 20km from the city of Abohar. For decades now, we have been growing wheat, cotton, kinnows among a lot of seasonal vegetables. 


We are proud to be few of the first farmers in the country to grow coloured wheat developed by NABI (National Agricultural Biotechnology Institute), Mohali, after 10 years of research. The coloured wheat is richer in anthocyanins than normal wheat, which are usually present in berries, grapes and currants, giving them the red, purple, blue pigments. Coloured wheat is also richer in micronutrients like iron and zinc and is scientifically proven to be healthier. 


We believe in savouring the wholesome nutrition of the black wheat by grinding it on order using stone mill i.e. chakki. We don’t add or subtract anything in process and the end result is you getting cold pressed whole black wheat flour packed with lots of love. 

Image by Samuel Myles