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  • Heirloom Wheat Flour
  • Heirloom Wheat Flour

Heirloom Wheat Flour


Paighambari, also known as Indian Dwarf Wheat, Gilgit Wheat, Multani, Rai Munir, Nikka, Sona Moti, Sugar-Free, Gundu Godi & Bol Gahu.


Scientifically known as Triticum Sphearococcum, it originated from Bread Wheat (Triticum Aestivum) through a mutation deleting a short chromosome segment about 5500 YBP giving rise to its semi-dwarf stature (70-80 cm), erect and rigid appearance, stout and short culm, small ears and semi-spherical grains resembling Sorghum.


Its cultivation gradually declined owing to its small size as British mills were not designed to handle such grains and thus had no export value; spread of irrigation and finally “Green Revolution” almost wiped out this variety. It was due to the efforts of Pingalwara Ashram, near Amritsar who distributed 10 seeds of Paighambari as prasad, that this variety was saved from extinction and has now spread to different states of India.


Paighambari is one of the healthiest wheats known with low glycaemic Index and gluten and significantly high level of folic acids and minerals; it makes good rotis, upma as well as biscuits.


The grains are grown in our close family's farms in Rajasthan via natural farming methods.