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  • Sifted Pasta Wheat Flour
  • Sifted Pasta Wheat Flour
  • Sifted Pasta Wheat Flour
  • Sifted Pasta Wheat Flour

Sifted Pasta Wheat Flour


Made from Triticum Durum, our pasta flour is made from a wheat variety called HI-8759, which was released by Indian Agricultural Research Institute in 2019.


The whole pasta wheat flour can also be used to add to Indian cuisine dishes as it is rich in caratenoids, which are antioxidants from vitamin-A and give this specific yellow color to this durum wheat flour. 


You can make excellent quality whole grain pasta at home for the family and kids using this flour. Check out 'PASTA GRANNIES' to learn about making multiple fun shapes with the right combination of sauces and cheeses.


    You can use this flour in the following ways: 

    1. Bread: Small portions used while making breads brings out distinct flavour and aroma of this wheat.
    2. Puff Pastry: Being high on caratenoids (Vitamin-A Antioxidants), this flour is a good source of nutrition
    3. Pasta: You can make fresh handmade pasta for your family, especially kids with this whole durum wheat flour.
    4. Desserts: Being high in gliadin, just adding 15-20% of durum wheat will make your biscuits more crumbly and dunky.
    5. Fried Food: Make your fried food more golden and crunchy with durum wheat flour.
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