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  • Strong Bread Wheat Flour
  • Strong Bread Wheat Flour

Strong Bread Wheat Flour


This flour is Roller Milled in Small Batches using our Specialty Bread Wheat Variety HD3226. Given an extremely low extraction rate of 50% and high quality of gluten (which is regulated by genetic and environmental factors, and affected by post-harvest management practices), the flour makes really elastic and extensible dough. We reccomend it for artisan pizzas and viennoiserie applications. 


Some of the functional characteristics of this flour are as follows: 


  • Moisture: ~13.5%
  • Hydration Ability: ~70-75%
  • W Index: ~280
  • Ash Content: ~0.5%


Given the high moisture content, we reccomend using this flour within 30 days of order if kept at room temperature or keep it refrigerated to keep the enzymatic activity in check, in which case you must use the flour within 4 months of order.


Please Note: This flour contains almost no bran or germ, thus has a pale yellow-white appearance naturally, and is free of any adulterants of any sorts. You are advised to pair it with other stonemilled flours (whole or sifted) from our collection if want to add more nutrition, flavour and texture to your bakes. 



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