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The Story of Indian Specialty Wheat

Straight from the farm to your table, grown and milled with utmost care.

Deep dive into our grain library

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Emmer Wheat

Triticum Dicoccum

Paighambari Wheat

Triticum Sphaerococcum

Black Wheat

Triticum Aestivum

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Daniel Trulson   | Subko, Bread & Chocolate

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Have complete creative autonomy over your baking process. Understand wheat flour at a fundamental level. Create your own blends. Strive for excellence. NO ADDED: barley, seeds, nuts, enzymes, malts, gluten, chemicals, preservatives. NOTHING ELSE. JUST WHEAT. Stand up for pure ingredients. Stand out from the rest. Be you. Be original. Be creative. Be free. Bake with intention. Bake with positivity. Bake with love. Bake for health. Bake for taste. Bake for beauty. Bake for children and adults alike. And at last bake for the farmers.


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