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Project Srot.
A foray into regenerative grain agriculture.

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Soil is not a resource,
it is the SOURCE.

Bringing you closer to our farms like never before using technology to bring traceable microlots of grain flour at your doorsteps throughout the year. 

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Why Regenerative Agriculture?

Core Principles

The three core principles of regenerative agriculture revolve around:

  • minimum soil disturbance

  • continuous crop residue cover

  • diverse crop rotations and cover crop mixes 

The synergistic simplicity of these principles, i.e. minimising carbon and soil loss AND maximising soil coverage and carbon input allows for protection of soil biodiversity and regeneration. This is HOW we can make agriculture sustainable and climate resilient, as well as economically profitable and environment friendly.

Why Grain?



20% of the calorific requirement is fulfilled by wheat globally



60% of the calorific requirement in India

is fulfilled by cereals and grains



India has a historically diverse flatbread consuming culture



Yet, the Great Indian Chapati is one of the least diverse forms of food we consume today 



The homogeneous commodity wheat flour doesn't offer any diversity in nutrition, flavour or textures

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Regenerative Grain Agriculture and Climate Resilience

Details of Specialty Grain Varieties

Details of the Programme and Associated Benefits

About the programme

Community supported regenerative grain agriculture is the only way to remove all the barriers between you and the farm. The annual subscription programme allows you to commit to the health of the soil in which grains are grown and makes it possible for the farmers to implement the best agricultural practices throughout the year. 

Each subscription costing ₹30K will ensure that you receive a bundle of 12kg of whole grain flours stone milled from a total of 8 specialty varieties among wheat, rye and barley every month for an entire year. The curation will have diversity in nutrients, flavours, and textures to cater to holistic gastronomic and health needs of your family, while helping rebuild soils, landscapes and communities in rural Punjab. 

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