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Know all about 'Project Fence'

While researching about how we can meaningfully engage and contribute to building resilient agriculture systems in the face of Climate Change, we found out how strong boundaries across the farming plots can help the crops weather extreme climatic conditions.

We decided to pursue this idea, while building on the principles of permaculture and carbon sequestration, and in turn help our producer partners build natural 'FENCES' in and around their farming plots.


Making a three levelled height system of plants and trees to optimally use the boundary area and cover the 'FENCE' wall with greens from bottom up.

Carbon Sequestration:

After establishing the first principle, we explored the idea of choosing the optimal combination of deciduous and hardy high height trees, with high biomass producing medium height trees, and high carbon sequestering low height plants which have deep root systems.

The combination eventually looks like:

  1. High Height: Poplar, Bamboo, and Amla

  2. Medium Height: Agathi and Moringa

  3. Low Height: Vetiver

These natural fences when fully grown will act as barriers to harsh dust storms, and windy rains while breaking their flow, and at the same time absorb and store high amount of carbon above and below the ground.

One part of the profits from our merch sales will go to this project. Our hope is to record our progress via mapping every geographic coordinate of the plant and tree in 'Project Fence', and have the ability the observe the changes year on year.

If you have further questions and would love to know anything in specific, please carry on the discussion on our discord channel in #projectfence thread.


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