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Learning to Use Whole Grain Flour: Workshops and Consultation

Three One Farms has partnered with Keith Goyden, Founder at Pão Bakery, who has been a baker for over 30 years with experience in the craft baking world spanning across the US, Europe and Asia.

He started baking in 1990, in Seattle WA, during the emergence of the US artisan bread movement.

Following apprenticeships in bakeries across Europe, he designed bread and pastry baking operations in several Seattle area French and Italian restaurants before building a startup stand alone bakery in eastern Washington state in Spokane city.

With that bakery, Fugazzi, he sourced regional grains, worked with a local mill and built a 40 loaves a day operation to over 2000 loaves a day over a 2 year period. Subsequent to that he rekindled an academic interest in water policy and food systems that brought him to his work here in India.

He now joins his academic work on food systems and social justice, as Associate Professor of Practice at the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability, Virginia Tech University, with his product development using regional grains at pão bakery inspired by the global initiatives to reimagine our food systems.

Among his current interests he has been researching traditional landraces of grains and millets in Uttarakhand with an eye toward developing regional identities akin to the formal Geographic Indicators (GI) we see in such agricultural products as rice, grapes, mangoes etc.

He has also been experimenting with organic European and North American landrace wheat and rye varieties.

About the partnership:

Three One Farms and pão bakery’s vision of innovation is inspired by diversity not disruption; diversity in soil, in seed, in flavor, in nutrition, in economy, in methods, in collaboration. We encourage, in our partnership and outreach, collaboration that innovates based on expansive values, collectively environmental, cultural, economic and nutritional.

Why? Our grain economy, dominated by wheat and rice, is focused on homogeneous practices focused on maximizing yield, killing pests and diseases at the cost of soil and water integrity. Grain quality, especially flavor derived from complex, healthy soils (terroir), is not a priority in conventional agriculture breeding and field practices. Homogenization fosters isolation, in crop cultivation, in social dynamics, in value, in flavor and nutrition.

We can revitalize and nurture diversity in our grain systems, how we cultivate, market, appreciate various culinary uses emphasizing a broad spectrum of flavor and texture, and ultimately nutritious baked goods and foods. Just as a skilled baker crafts an open or tight crumb in their breads depending on their end use preference, a skilled farmer choreographs seed and soil and micro-climate at the farm to cultivate the inherent qualities in the grain.

Join us in our Three One Farms x pão workshops and consultation opportunities to learn, inspire and share our diverse experience.

We can playfully and carefully draw together the complexities of seed and soil cultivation to culinary practices to flavor and gut & mental health.

A schedule of workshops utilizing Three One Farms grains and flours will be announced soon.

Individual tailored consultations are always available for bakers and chefs keen on incorporating the same in their offerings (one can reach out to us at for the same).


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