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  • Chapati Wheat Flour
  • Chapati Wheat Flour

Chapati Wheat Flour


Made especially for Indian unleavened flatbreads aka Chapati, this flour is made using a specialty variety called PBW-1 CHAPATTI developed by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana in 2021.


The desired characterstics of a good Indian chapati are:


  • Good Pliability
  • Good Puffability
  • Soft Texture
  • Creamish Color
  • Slight Sweetness and Chewiness
  • Baked Wheat Aroma


There were no wheat varieties which possesed all these characterstics with high scores scientifically, untill PBW-1 CHAPATTI came along. 


Along with this, the 'PBW-1 Chapatti' has: 


  • High Zinc
  • Low Phytates
  • High Caratenoids
  • Low Polyphenols
  • High Protein


Taste it once for yourself, and you will not be able to go back to any other wheat variety.